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The RestauranT​

With us, food is served with a lot of love because we prepare it from scratch, almost always with organic ingredients. We even make the butter ourselves. All the drinks we offer (except the water from the tap) are eco-certified and the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that prevails in the restaurant is as natural as everything else.

Allergies: If you have allergies, we need to know at least a couple of days before your visit, otherwise we may not be able to meet your needs. We ask you to note that we occasionally bake in our restaurant kitchen and that, despite cleaning in between, we cannot provide complete guarantees regarding nuts and gluten. 

When you eat in the restaurant, you start your dinner at any time 5 PM - 7 PM. 
Please note that we have a 12-year age limit both in the hotel and in the restaurant, and that you can cancel your reservation no later than 48 hours before, if you are not a hotel guest.



5-10 p.m


Fridays & Saturdays:

24 February - 30 June

14 August - 17 December

All days:

1 July - 13 August

For table reservation e-mail or call


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