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About us

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We care about you

As a member of a Petit Hotel, we are part of a network of small privately owned hotels, mainly situated in rural areas.

A Petit Hotel member has an open heart and an open mind. We care about you and want you to have a truly wonderful stay with us. ​What we want you to appreciate most is our hospitality and the care and consideration we show you. And when you leave us, we want you to have a lasting memory, so that when you think of us you will also be reminded of the “Small hotels with big hearts.”

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You come to us when you want to get away for a while, relax and like the concept of good food with good organic ingredients, game meat, farm fish and wild-caught fish.

We offer you tranquillity with coastal meadows and the sea in your sights.

"Like rocking your soul in a hammock"

If you still want to do something while you're here, we have bikes to lend and there are nice old bike trails but also hiking trails that border Sölvesborg, which is a nice old harbour town. If you play golf, there are many fine golf courses nearby.


Since the renovation in 2017, when our restaurant kitchen saw the light of day, I am the one in charge behind the stove. But I'm also the one who nails and fixes, builds and changes, fixes pools and hot tubs, takes care of bookings and conferences - yes, everything that's needed both indoors and outdoors.

Previously, I worked for many years as a logistician and IT manager in the feed industry, before I changed gears and started Bodelsson Bygg AB in 2007, in connection with the construction of what would become Bodelssons by the Sea.

Why be alone when you can be two?


Since the winter of 2023, I have had a new life partner who matches me in the kitchen like a cold dish. Gunnel now works with everything that it means to run a hotel.

Your guests meet her at check-in at service in the evening and at breakfast in the morning. Gunnel has taken care of everything that happens and grows in the garden.

She is usually the one you talk to when you call Bodelssons by the Sea for help with booking and answers to questions. She also manages the marketing in its entirety.

She has previously worked as an assistant nurse in care for the elderly, people with functional variation, administration, schedule and planning systems, recruitment and employment. Has also been a caregiver for relatives for many years.

Feel very welcome to us!

How it started

When Leena and I moved to my childhood home in Tosteberga in 2007, Leena began almost immediately to draw on a rebuilding and extension of the property- a red one-level villa in brick from 1968. To build on a floor and start a small "type bed & breakfast" with Four rooms were Leena's idea and vision.


I started building. In your spare time. The hateful, iron vitriolade facade I learned to love and in 2010 the very first guests came. A six -year -old jump march up and down between the floor began - three -course dinners were cooked in the apartment kitchen up a flight of stairs and served on the first floor.


More and more guests from all over the world found here, and in order to avoid running between the floors, it was time for a new renovation and extension, in 2017. The double garage turned into four new rooms overlooking the meadows and the sea, and another room was adapted for Wheelchair.


But best of all was the new, nice restaurant kitchen on the first floor where I (who do not like to run in stairs) found my new role in pots and pots. In the kitchen, foods that are loved by both new guests and Bodelsson's many regular guests are now cooked. In 2021 I was joined in the kitchen by Sverre Valleyr Helgason, with chef training from both Reykjavik and Copenhagen.


Now Bodelsson's by the Sea is a little cozy micro hotel, with peace and quiet, warm and hearty atmosphere, in an environment that is absolutely fantastic. And that in 2017 we received Petit Hotel's award as "à petitare of the year" we see as a really nice quality stamp.


LEEna - The person who started it all

Leena Holm Bodelsson (1959-2022), visionary and creator, created with warmth, passion and personality a hotel with a unique atmosphere - Bodelsson's by the Sea. A hotel that is run in her spirit by me, her husband.


Leena, a true multi -worker, former journalist and chronicler, web designer, decorator, hobby artist and the architect of the property saddled to pubs, hotelier and administrator in connection with the move to Tosteberga 2007.



The transformation

Huset före ombyggnad
Huset efter ombyggnad

In the media

Sj's newspaper KUPÉ, 2016






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