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We care about you

As a member of a Petit Hotel, we are part of a network of small privately owned hotels, mainly situated in rural areas.

A Petit Hotel member has an open heart and an open mind. We care about you and want you to have a truly wonderful stay with us. ​What we want you to appreciate most is our hospitality and the care and consideration we show you. And when you leave us, we want you to have a lasting memory, so that when you think of us you will also be reminded of the “Small hotels with big hearts.”

The woman at the helm


Bodelsson by the Sea is run by me, Leena Holm Bodelsson, a former journalist, web designer, decorator, and amateur painter turned restaurateur, hotelier, and still an amateur painter.


As soon as we moved into the house where my husband Jonas grew up I began to design a conversion, including an extension to the former 1960s red brick bungalow. Jonas thought I was mad when I told him I wanted to add another floor and set up a bed and breakfast / small hotel.

  I thought it was a brilliant business idea, not because we would be making a lot of money, but because we would get to meet lots of people from near and far – the world would come to us!

‘I’m happy to build it, just don’t expect too much,’ my dear husband said. ‘Few tourists visit Tosteberga. Here is not much to see, just old farmland, meadows, a small harbor, and the Baltic Sea. And It’s so off the beaten track and not easy to find.’
He couldn’t see what I saw and still do. The landscape is unique and you can hardly find a quieter place these days; it’s a perfect retreat for busy city folk, a place to breathe, to retire to when life is starting to spin out of control. It’s an oasis – By the Sea.

Jonas began the conversion in May 2008 (all in his spare time), and three years later it was as good as completed. It was wonderful to watch the birth of our baby every step of the way from drawing board to a finished house.

In 2011, people were beginning to find their way here (2017 we expanded with four new rooms) and our house was steeped in a friendly, international atmosphere. Many of our guests return time and time again and everything has turned out exactly the way I once imagined – on top of which I have created the best job ever.

You are more than welcome!


The chef

Jonas Bodelsson is a former logistics and IT manager who left the lorries and computers behind to become a builder in 2007. He runs the company Bodelsson Bygg AB, and it is he who has refurbished the Bodelssons’ house.

Since 2017 he is also a chef at his wife's restaurant. In the evenings you find Jonas in the restaurant kitchen, making a divine good boar, venison or fish. He is a rock behind the pots and pans and love working behind the scenes.

The boss


Fläckis, or Fläskis (Porky), is a tortoiseshell cat – a great personality with sharp claws.

She can often be seen climbing up the wall or balcony supports to the upper floors. She sometimes enjoys hanging on to the window sills so she can look through the window, terrified of missing out on anything. She screams irritably if she doesn’t get what she wants.

Apart from that, she is a perfectly normal cat, unless you tickle her tummy.

In the media

Sj:s tidning KUPÉ, 2016






The transformation



The hotel is open from 3 PM the days the restaurant is open. Other days only groups / conference guests.
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