Organic & eco friendly



We are constantly working with environmental issues, from a sustainable perspective. 


We wash almost everything ourselves (bathroom rugs, bathrobes, tablecloths, kitchen towels, cookware and waitress clothes) except bed linen and towels, and tumble and iron as little as possible. We use organic cleaning products, sort all garbage, has our own biological filtering system for the plumbing, and all showers are equipped with low flushing shower heads.


The house is built of wood and the facade, Swedish pine, treated with Ferrous Sulfate, which means it never needs to be painted again. The building has 3- glass windows, it is heated with geothermal energy and, for the most part, isolated with ISO -soft, American isolation without poison. 


All towels and bathrobes are made of 100 % organic cotton. We buy organic local food (for instance game meat from Trolle Ljungby manor, 5 km from here). The animals are inspected by a veterinarian and slaughtered on the estate. 


Our drink list contains only organic wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits, and the shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and shower soap we offer in all rooms are also organic. 


We do hope that you will appreciate our commitment. And don't hesitate to give us more sustainable tips if you have any.

Torkade växter och örter