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Booking and cancellation rules for conferences and group bookings

1. Definitions

An arrangement is when premises are provided with or without accommodation and/or eating, e.g. for conference, or for group bookings. The customer is the person - legal or physical - who is liable for payment for the arrangement. Supplier in this case means Bodelssons by the Sea. The value of an order is the agreed price for the entire order.

2. Order

Orders can be made verbally or in writing. Bodelssons by the Sea must confirm receipt of an order in writing.


3. Advances

If/when Bodelssons by the Sea requires it, an advance of 50 percent of the confirmed amount must be made when the booking is made less than three months before the event. If booking is made more than three months before the event, an advance of 25 percent must be paid when booking. The advance is due for payment within 10 days from the date of the invoice. Invoice for the advance amount is sent in connection with or after confirmed booking. If the advance is not paid, the order is not binding for Bodelssons by the Sea.


4. Special requests when ordering

Does the customer have special requests regarding e.g. special diets, pets, etc. it must already be presented at the time of ordering. The same applies if the customer requires special security arrangements.


5. Valuable property

If the customer wants to take property of high value with them and store it in Bodelssons by the Sea's storage facilities, the customer must inform them of this. In the event of theft or the like, Bodelssons by the Sea is liable for compensation only if Bodelssons by the Sea has, through written confirmation, undertaken to be responsible for the property.

6. Cancellation

Cancellation must be made in writing. In case of cancellation later than four weeks before the first day of the arrangement, the client must compensate Bodelssons by the Sea with 25% of the value of the order. In case of cancellation later than two weeks ahead, with 50% of the value of the order. In case of cancellation later than one week ahead, with 100% of the value of the order. 


Rebooking (as long as 12 months ahead) can take place until 15.00 two days before arrival. Please note that when rebooking, it is no longer possible to cancel and that the entire amount must be paid no later than 10 days after the booked date for the rebooking to take place. 

7. Payment

The customer is responsible for all costs incurred in accordance with the order. If the participants are to pay something individually, this must be approved by Bodelssons by the Sea. If a participant does not attend the ordered meal, this does not entail the right to a reduction in the price. Payment must be made according to agreement. If an agreement has been reached regarding payment against an invoice, the customer must issue full payment within 10 days from the date of the invoice. If the payment deadline is exceeded, Bodelssons by the Sea has the right to charge late payment interest from the due date with the applicable reference interest rate with an addition of eight percentage points. When invoicing, an invoicing fee is added.


8. Reservation for price changes

a) If Bodelssons by the Sea wishes to reserve itself for price increases, Bodelssons by the Sea must clearly state this in its written confirmation of receipt of the order.

b) Bodelssons by the Sea must immediately inform the customer when a price increase occurs.


9. Force majeure

Strike, lockout, fire, explosion, war or similar state of war, significant restrictions in deliveries or other circumstances beyond Bodelssons by the Sea's control entitle the supplier to cancel the contract without obligation to pay damages.


10. Liability for property/causing damage

Bodelssons by the Sea has no strict liability for property stored in hotel rooms or on its premises. Should it turn out that Bodelssons by the Sea or its employees acted carelessly or negligently or were otherwise at fault for property being lost or damaged, Bodelssons by the Sea is responsible for the lost/damaged property. Bodelssons by the Sea is also responsible for property stored in Bodelssons by the Sea's locked storage space, unless the property is of particularly high value (see point 5). The customer, for his part, is responsible for damage that he himself or his participants through negligence causes Bodelssons by the Sea.

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