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wine tasting

Wine tasting with our sommelier Maria Bergquist 


"In vino veritas" - the truth is in the wine, they say. We believe that the objective truth in the wine world is limited. Not only that taste is perceived differently from individual to individual, each person perceives taste differently depending on the environment, time of day, expectations and physical conditions. It makes wine tastings all the more exciting and less pretentious, with us wine should be accessible to everyone, says Maria.


Dates for wine tastings spring 2023

We try four different wines with snacks for 495 SEK/person. At 5-6 PM with a limited number of places. 

Feel free to buy an accommodation and dinner package in our nice rooms with a sea view

Warm welcome! ❤️

For larger groups, wine tastings are arranged on request. Contact us for price information and booking.

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