Even though we are a small hotel on the outskirts of the village, with only eight rooms, we take the Coronavirus very seriously and do our best so that you as a guest should feel as safe as possible during your stay.

In the restaurant & reception:


  1. During this period we do not shake hand when we welcome our guests.

  2. There are disinfectant gel for our guests in the restaurant and in the toilet 

  3. Guests in groups (or pair) are placed with an empty table, or more, between the next group

  4. Floors, door handles, chair backs, tables and toilet & sink are wet-wiped with disinfectant, both before and after opening hours

  5. At the breakfast buffet, there is disinfectant gel that all guests are encouraged (ordered is probably a better expression) to use before using the cutlery. We don't want more than two people (and only if you are in the same group) staying at the buffet at the same time. This is not a problem as there are rarely more than 16 people staying in the restaurant at the same time during breakfast.

Hotel rooms:


  1. All hotel rooms have private entrances from the outside

  2. All hotel rooms are equipped with disinfectant gel

  3. Throw pillows and blankets are washed after check out 

  4. The floors, bathroom, handles, remote control, TV, desk etc, is wet-wiped with disinfectant.


As a guest, there are some things you can do to help:

  1. Wash your hands frequently

  2. Feel free to talk to other guests and with us in the staff, but keep a proper distance

  3. Cough in your arm fold, not in your hand

  4. If you feel a cold, ask to have your dinner or breakfast served in the room

  5. For now: In the Jacuzzi only groups staying in the same room, or traveling together, are allowed at the same time. Bath time one hour. Please let us know when you want to book your time.


The hotel is open in season between May & September, in between that only weekends.
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