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Let the heart be with you

Bodelssons by the Sea is part of a network under the Petit Hotel brand. There are about 40 of us in Sweden, but together with about 700 other small hotels around the world, we are the world's largest network of small, cozy and privately owned hotels - GAPH (Global Alliance of Private Hotels).

We who are members care about our guests and do our best to ensure that you have a wonderful overall experience. But what we want you to appreciate most is our hospitality, our food and the pleasant care. That you think back to us as "The small hotels with big hearts".

The one who rules (and sets)


Behind Bodelssons by the Sea I stand, Leena Holm Bodelsson, fd. journalist and columnist (among others at Aller förlag, Sydöstran, SVT and in the IT industry), web designer, decorator, architect and hobby artist. Nowadays restaurateur, hotelier, receptionist, waitress, marketer and administrator.​ Dear child has many names.​

When we moved to my husband's childhood home in Tosteberga, in 2007, I almost immediately started drawing on a conversion and extension to the house - a red single-storey brick villa from 1968. Jonas thought I was crazy when I suggested that we build on a floor so I could start a small bed and breakfast with four rooms.
No tourists come to Tosteberga, he explained. 

- Of course not, what are they going to do? It's a fantastic idea, you understand! We don't need to travel anywhere in the future, the world comes to us instead. And this is a perfect place for those who do NOT want to be surrounded by hordes of tourists. 

My exuberant enthusiasm finally made him give up and start building. In free time. He learned to love the hateful, iron vitriol facade and in 2010 the first guests arrived. However, I had not understood that they wanted to eat more than breakfast and since there is no restaurant selection at all in Tosteberga, good advice was expensive. A few months later we got a license to serve and I began a six-year leap march up and down between the floors. Cooked 3-course dinners in our apartment kitchen and served them on the first floor.

More and more guests from all over the world found their way here, and in order for me to avoid running, we rebuilt again and again in 2017. The double garage was transformed into four new rooms and another room was built and adapted for a wheelchair.


The dining room was opened up and now accommodates about 26 guests. We rebuilt our small pool area and added a couple of hot tubs where guests book private swim time. But the best of all is our fine restaurant kitchen on the first floor, where Jonas (who doesn't like running stairs) suddenly blossomed behind the pots.


Now Bodelssons by the Sea has been transformed into a small cozy   micro-hotel, with peace and quiet, a warm and cordial atmosphere,   in an environment that is absolutely fantastic. And we see the fact that we received Petit Hotel's award as "Petite of the Year" in 2017 as a really nice seal of quality. 

Feel warmly welcome to our life's work!



Jonas worked for many years as a logistician and it-responsible in the fodder industry before he changed his mind and started Bodelsson Bygg AB, in 2007, in connection with the construction of what would become Leenas_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_company, Bodelssons by the Sea. For several years, he occasionally helped cook for the guests, but since the renovation of the hotel in 2017, when a restaurant kitchen saw the light of day, he is the one in charge behind the stove.

Jonas is a rock and a natural talent. A multi-talented artist who probably would have become a full-time chef a long time ago, if he hadn't been more than fully booked in his construction company. 

The boss​

Fläkkis (or Fläskis, depending on the mood) is the hotel's house cat. The one who thinks she's in charge. Everything. In good company with the neighbor's long-haired cat, Alice. Fläkkis is sometimes seen climbing the balcony posts, or sitting outside the guests' doors, with a pleading look to be allowed in. She is incredibly social but not the least bit cuddly and scratching her belly is associated with a high risk of leaving here with lacerations. Pats on the head, on the other hand, are completely harmless :-)

The transformation


Huset före ombyggnad
Huset efter ombyggnad


In the media

Sj's newspaper KUPÉ, 2016






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